Exposing How Fake Notes Circulate in Sylhet’s Active Fraud Cycle: From Printing to Pocketing

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Counterfeit note dealers have become active in Sylhet targeting Roza and Eid. They have started various activities to print fake notes and spread them in the Sylhet division through their circles.

Exposing How Fake Notes Circulate in Sylhet's Active Fraud Cycle: From Printing to Pocketing

Gang Expands Network, Targets Upazila Markets

Earlier, the members of this gang were active in the city, but now they have spread to the upazila level of the division. In the last few days, the members of law and order forces have arrested some members of the fake note fraud gang from different places in the Sylhet division. A huge amount of counterfeit money and Indian rupees were also recovered from them. It is known that people of expatriate Sylhet do a lot of shopping before the start of Ramadan. Especially after Shabbat, people shop for the entire month of Ramadan.

Increased Activity During Ramadan and Eid: A Prime Opportunity for Fraudsters

Eid shopping starts in Sylhet after 15 Ramadan. At this time, the shops are very crowded. Fraudsters use this opportunity to spread fake notes in the market through their circles. This time again, the members of that circle have become active keeping fast and Eid in front. However, the officials of the law and order force said that special vigilance is going on regarding the dealers of fake notes. As a result, the members of that gang have started getting caught. They have also advised common people to be aware of money transactions. Last, on February 27, the police arrested two people from Doarabazar in Sunamganj along with fake money-making equipment and fake notes. At this time, 480 fake notes of 1 thousand rupees were recovered from them.

Sophisticated Printing Makes Detection Difficult: Authorities Urge Caution

On February 25, from the Shiberbazar area of Sylhet’s Jalalabad police station, Md. of Barakapan village of Sunamganj’s Chatak upazila with fake currency notes. Ruzel Mia was arrested by the police. During this time, several fake notes of 1000 rupees were recovered from him. On February 26, RAB-9 arrested one person with a large amount of counterfeit money and Indian rupees during a raid in the Rustampur area of Srimangal, Moulvibazar. Arrested Yugendra Mallik is a resident of the Rustampur area of Srimangal police station. At that time, counterfeit notes worth 14 lakh 65 thousand 500 Indian rupees and 69 lakh 52 thousand 900 Bangladeshi rupees were recovered from him.

Commenting that the spread of fake money has increased more than before, several traders said that almost every day one or two fake notes are found in big shops. When the shop is crowded there is no opportunity to verify all the notes. Fraudsters take this opportunity to cheat with fake notes.

Traders also said that fake notes are printed so perfectly that they are often undetectable. When you go to deposit in the bank, it is identified as fake.

Law Enforcement on High Alert: Recent Arrests and Seized Counterfeit Notes

RAB-9 Media Officer Assistant Superintendent of Police. Mashihur Rahman Sohel told the media that organized gangs have been illegally making domestic and foreign fake notes and fraudulently marketing them for the sake of more profit in a short period. The members of this gang cheat people by inserting fake notes inside genuine notes and making transactions. RAB is working on the field level to arrest the members of this gang.

In this regard, Sylhet Metropolitan Police Media Officer Mohammad Saiful Islam said, ‘Police are always active to prevent the spread of fake money. Since fasting and Eid are ahead, we have extra vigilance. We have already arrested many members of this gang. The operation continues.

Here are some key steps to safeguard yourself:

  • Be extra cautious during peak shopping periods: When shops are crowded, it’s easier for counterfeit notes to slip through unnoticed. Take your time while making transactions and scrutinize each note carefully.
  • Know the security features of genuine notes: Familiarize yourself with the security features of your local currency, such as watermarks, security threads, and raised printing.
  • Utilize technology: Many banks offer apps that can help you authenticate the genuineness of banknotes.
  • Report any suspicious activity: If you encounter a fake note, don’t hesitate to report it to the authorities immediately.

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