Khaleda Zia’s Health Condition Declines, Admitted to Hospital

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By Bangladesh Reports

The health Condition of Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) chairperson Khaleda Zia has taken a concerning turn. Her personal physicians rushed to her residence in Gulshan late last night to assess her condition. The situation there was not okay, and there are indications that she need immediate medical attention.

Former PM Khaleda Zia's Health Declines, Admitted to Hospital

PM Khaleda Zia’s Health Situation Declines, on her way to Hospital

Urgent Tests Conducted by Personal Doctors

BNP Chairperson’s press wing officer Shamsuddin Didar confirmed the matter at first sight. In response, her doctors conducted a battery of urgent tests. because of the deterioration of Khaleda Zia’s physical condition there is a possibility that she will be transferred to to Evercare Hospital for further evaluation and treatment.

History of her Health Challenges

The medical board members then went to Khaleda Zia’s residence in Gulshan and conducted some health checks on her.

This recent decline is not the first time Khaleda Zia has faced health challenges. Khaleda Zia’s physical condition worsened on Wednesday, prompting the medical board to visit her residence in Gulshan. The board conducted some health checks, but the severity of her symptoms needed additional intervention.

On March 13, Khaleda Zia’s health was examined at Evercare Hospital. He was in the hospital for a day at that time. Khaleda Zia was admitted to Evercare Hospital on August 9 last year. BNP Chairperson returned to Gulshan home on January 11 after more than five months of treatment.

At that time, her family appealed to the government to take Khaleda Zia abroad for better treatment, but they did not get permission.

Legal Battles and Conditional Release

Khaleda Zia, a prominent political figure, has faced many legal battles. Now She is Convicted in two corruption cases—the Zia Orphanage Trust and Zia Charitable Trust—she was imprisoned on February 8, 2018, serving a sentence of over two years. However, on March 25, 2020, Since then, the government has suspended his sentence for six months and extended his release period.

Khaleda Zia’s health remains as a matter of concern. The delicate balance between her medical needs and legal status isn’t good enough, leaving wonders about her future.

Stay tuned to Bangladesh Reports for updates as we closely monitor Khaleda Zia’s health and the decisions surrounding her care.

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