50 Lakh Families to Get Affordable Rice Before Ramadan: Here’s How!

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The holy month of Ramadan is starting, but the issue of rising rice prices hasn’t been solved yet. But hold on, there’s a ray of hope!

Food Minister Sadhan Chandra Majumder said that 1.5 million tons of rice will be given to 5 million families at an affordable price by March 10, before the holy month of Ramadan. This rice will be given under food friendly programme.

50 Lakh Families to Get Affordable Rice Before Ramadan

He gave this information to reporters at a press briefing at the end of the Deputy Commissioner’s conference at the capital’s Osmani Memorial Auditorium on Monday (March 4).

The Food Minister of Bangladesh said, “I have asked to carry out lifting (dealers to lift rice) from March 1 in the food-friendly program.” We had a decision from March 1 to 20. By reducing that, 1.5 million tons of food will be given to 5 million families by March 10.

In response to the question of whether this will bring relief to the market, he said, “If 1.5 lakh tones of rice is sold at the rate of Taka 15 per kg, then 50 lakh families will no longer have to buy rice from the market.” This will make the rice market more stable.

Sadhan Chandra said, “We said we will issue the circular by February 20, and we will implement it from April 14 or Pahela Boishakh.” Then Boro’s new rice will come to the market. The rice which is now bagged and sealed in the market, no one will change the packet anymore. So, Boro rice will rise in the new year and will be effective from then.

When asked whether the DCs have updated information, the Food Minister said, “Meetings have started with the DC-mill owners. Samples of paddy and rice varieties are also being provided to them. The rice research institute has given those varieties, Aush, Aman, and Boro some varieties, which are thick, medium, and narrow varieties, and we are working with them.

Apart from this, the anti-hoarding campaign has been largely successful. The food minister said that the DCs have been instructed to cooperate in implementing the change that has come about by writing the name of the variety on the bags.

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